"Travelling to Toronto as a winner of NBI 2015 was eye-opening. The technology ecosystem at the Ryerson DMZ (& Ontario) is a fabulous one and he entrepreneur friendly programs that the Govt. of Ontario has put in place is worthy of emulation by governments across the world. The tenure at DMZ helped us fine tune our business strategies for the North American Market. Toronto will be Plackal’s first port of call as we expand into the western market"

John Paul, Founder & CEO, Plackal Tech

"At the time LightMetrics got an opportunity to spend two weeks at the DMZ, we were at the crucial juncture in our journey, trying to figure out which geographies we should focus on. The biggest benefit of visiting Toronto through NBI was in finding an answer to this question. There are great startups at the DMZ, and chances are you will find companies from whom you can learn a lot or even find potential synergies."

Krishna A.G, Co-founder, LightMetrics

"I had great 2 weeks at the DMZ. It was exciting to see the number of startups and all the activity at the DMZ itself, as well as the larger startup ecosystem in Canada. It was also good to see businesses take startups seriously and look to engage with them. It left me feeling that there are definitely great business opportunities we can explore in Canada, which could also serve as stronger reference points for the US Market."

Srikrishnan Ganesan, Co-founder, Konotor